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Important Note!

Please note that the MU Software FTP server is picky: Your host needs to have a correct DNS entry (forward and reverse mapping), and a valid RFC822 address is expected as the anonymous password. In addition to that, several email addresses known to be invalid are filtered out.

If you get an error message about an invalid password, make sure you have entered your correct email address as anonymous password. Or, if you're using a WWW browser to connect to the server, configure your browser correctly. In Netscape, this is in Preferences/Advanced: Check the box "Send email address as anonymous FTP password" and make sure that the browser knows your email address. Microsoft Internet Explorer hides the message from the FTP server completely, which is quite confusing (but then, what else would you expect?). In the error dialog that says something like "Either the password is wrong or the server does not accept anonymous logins", click on "anonymous login" and be sure to enter your email address. Then press ok.

If you cannot connect to the server, your DNS entry is probably not ok. In this case, please contact the guy who is responsible for your IP address (usually your ISP). There is absolutely no excuse for not having a valid reverse mapping. This is also true if you live behind a firewall! The IP address is visible anyway, and if this IP does not have a proper reverse mapping, tell your admin to fix it, because it's his job to do so.

If your setup is ok,

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