Ullrich von Bassewitz - Usenet Kill File


I've been reading and writing usenet news since some time in 1992. In fact, not even google has all of my early postings (as of august 2002 it seems that the archive starts somewhere in 1993).

The first ten years, I haven't used a kill file, even if I had suggested using one to several people who complained about the rude manners in some news groups.

I started thinking about a kill file some time in 2001, when I noticed that just asking a simple question in de.comp.os.linux.misc, would result in tons of flames, and that most of these flames came from just a few people. I ignored these people whenever I visited the group, but it was hard work sometimes.

And then the day came when I read this posting (it's in german, unfortunately). Hey, this guy is right! Just because I survived ten years of usenet without a kill file doesn't mean that a kill file would not help me.

So I started using a kill file, and I'm glad I did so. Some time ago, I had my killfile online for public amusement, but now I've decided against it. Some people I had in my killfile emailed me, which caused email exchanges with exactly those people I didn't want to read or contact:-(

I'm using the tin news reader, but the rules may be easily translated for other newsreaders that support kill files. When using tin, be sure to also use the following setting in ~/.tin/tinrc:

# 0=(Only kill unread articles)
# 1=(Kill all articles and show in threads marked with K)
# 2=(Kill all articles and never show them).

This setting makes sure that killed articles will get removed completely (not just marked as killed).


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